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about the brand consultants

Brand Consultants

about Luenstroth Strategy & Brand Consulting since 1994   Luenstroth Strategy Consultancy was founded in 1994 as a communications and brand agency. Over the years, Luenstroth has experienced many trends within the consulting market. Often they were shaped by scientific fashions, which should then unfold in the entrepreneurial practice. By contrast, Lünstroth has always focused …

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European Brand Consultancy

Brand Consultancy: Luenstroth Brand Consultants

Looking ahead Decades of Experience Competence in Global Markets Luenstroth: The Brand Consultancy Luenstroth is an independent consultancy based in Germany. Luenstroth Brand Consultants mainly work for European companies with worldwide interests. Deep Analysis As external experts the Luenstroth Consultants have the view from outside and years of experience within the fields of building brands, …

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Defininig the brand personality

Brand Analysis

A brand analysis should be the first step before strategy could be thought about. Even if a new brand is to be established, markets and competitor brands and their dimensions should be researched. Luenstroth follows the model of brand personality as established by Aaker and Keller in the mid 90th. Markets and cultures are different, …

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brand worth and portfolio management

Portfolio Management

If a corporate brand is not a branded house but a house of brands, portfolio management gets economically important. Where are cash cows and where are spendings higher than ROI? These questions are strategic: It could make sense for the future to strengthen weak brands regarding to future target groups or sell brands if the …

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Brand Consulting for the Board of Directors

Decision Makers Support

Decision makers support means permanent consulting and supports in brand related issues. During a typical project consulting, responses can be longer lasting depending on the complexity of the tasks and the corporate brand architecture. Within the decision makers support a fast response is guaranteed in shortest possible reaction time: The security of quick decisions is …

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creative brand consultants

Why creative?

Many brand consultants think creativity doesn’t play any role in brand affairs. Only facts, market shares and what could be counted in market research and regarding the opinions of consumers and clients are relevant for corporate brands. Future needs creative approach. That’s quite true for developments in the past. For a future oriented strategy creativity …

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Brand Consultant Ralf Glasmeyer

Head Creation: Ralf Glasmeyer

Ralf studied graphic design in Germany. He worked with clients like Apollinaris–Schweppes, Bols–Strothmann, Casio, Dr. Oetker, Homann, Langnese, Whirlpool, Pioneer, Procter & Gamble, Rowenta, S.Oliver Since 2006 he is lead designer at Luenstroth Brand Consultancy.

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Brand Consultancy: Luenstroth Brand Consultants

Brand Architecture

Enterprises are growing. They integrate smaller (or bigger) different companies and expand to other markets, segments and even cultures. A well structured brand architecture brings transparency not only for external views but also for employees and potentials. Strength of brand becomes more important than size of company. Industrial age and its brand life cycles demand …

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