Branding Systems by Lünstroth Brand Consultancy

Brands as Systems

That’s why we are thinking in systems. First we take a look at dependencies, then we look at competitors positionings, check the overall visibility and create options for a better system of awareness and reputation.

All steps are parts of a holistic view on the corporate brand, from sides of stakeholders, shareholders, employees and consumers. Each part is important; but there is no need to have the work done only by us.

A brand has many aspects, depending on its function – does it mark the company or the products or both?

Branding Architecture
Different brand architectures for different targets

What the brand consultants do

Eurpe based Consultants for Brand Strategy


The Lünstroth Brand Consultancy is working for clients in different countries and cultural surroundings....

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brands for different cultures

Brand Design

Brand Design | Identity for brands and trademarks Why a Lünstroth Design fits different...

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Brand Architecture

Brand Architecture

Brand Architecture: It’s the system, what counts. Enterprises are growing. They integrate smaller (or...

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brand integration after mergers or acquisitions

Fusion & Change

After mergers or acquisitions the upcoming brand architecture can be an object of considerations....

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