managing brands

Brand Management

In times of agency-pooling and lots of special services control of  brands is growing in their complexity. In addition, fluctuations in the company impair the continuity of the brand.

External expertise regulates a brand.

Even a ‘simple’ corporate brand control is not trivial – depending on the fluctuation in the fields of communication and marketing or new media channels and target definitions it may happen to get breaks in brand management though.

While in previous times lead-agencies were supposed to be a model for a stable brand, times have changed and brand management is getting more difficult.

Luenstroth Brand Consultancy counts on continous change of a brand with a stable brand core. The external view allows brand consultants to define the border between habit and necessary change.

  • Development of brand guidelines, definition of ¬†competences and assignment
  • Input and options for adaptions to coming trends and change in target group behavior
  • Development of database systems with constantly updated corporate elements
  • Implementation, support or surveillance
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