Brand Strategy Consultants and their new global sight of brands

Development of brand strategies

Our look on markets is a global one: new and evolutionary

New technologies create new products; new (and younger) target groups are searching for innovation. Brands do not have only to follow the trends but better make them. Strategy in association with brands as sociocultural values sounds like futurology.
Assessments with regard to the future are not the most reliable way for developing a brand strategy for a company. (In contrast to product- and product branding which can pick up short- and mediumtermed trends.)
Brand Strategy by Brand Consultants

Luenstroth Brand Consultancy develops brand leading models which are based on evolutionary principles.

The avoidance of maldevelopments guarantees the freedom of choice in future businesses.
Particularly that means to keep brands open for having the possibility to expand the brand complex. On the other hand it is useful to focus the brand in a well limited field for having a non erosive competence on the market (to avoid the danger of interchangeability).

Goal: stable flexibility

The approach doesn’t release from conditional analyses. (Needless to say to consider the behavior of the competitors during the way.)

With regard to the market the modifications of brand target images are anytime shapeable. The ‘corridor’ of a brand image is not fixed, rather it is to be understood as a flexible tube which directions are depending on the needs of the global markets.

Strategical branding is never a completed construct; it is a process which ensure an optimum of branding strength in the market environment continously.

How we support the finding of strategies and their implementation


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