Rebranding Private Labels

If a private label was a real brand

ISM is a leading retailer of workwear and safety shoes; the company sells Puma safety shoes across Europe, but workwear under its own brands, too.
The company commissions Lünstroth brand consultants to relaunch its own private label Albatros.


before relaunch: old logo

Until the relaunch, the Albatros trademarke was treated like a typical private label: inexpensive

The design was not very memorable, not even on its own. As is typical of private label brands, the range was sold via price. The margins are correspondingly small.


Since the range has been on the market for years, a relaunch of the word mark is out of question.

Market research shows it is primarily the less significant design that makes the products drown in the masses of competition.

The design, in turn, should reflect the brand essence as concisely and independently as possible.

But what is the brand essence of a private label like Albatros?

The bird albatross

Rebranding Private Labels

It is the wings that literally swing in the Albatross. With a wingspan of up to 3.5 meters, albatrosses have the largest wings of all living bird species.

A unique design that can be branded has thus been found: It’s the wings.

Unique key visual

visual essence of the brand

The designers at Lünstroth reduce the wings of the Albatross down to a concise shape that works in all media contexts.


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