New positioning, new identiy, new design, new brand campaigning

Entire brand: refreshed

Cobiax is a company in the construction sector, developing and producing hollow slab modules. The brand’s promise is “lightweight hollow slabs.”, which precisely notes what the company is producing.

The challenge: Only structural engineers could see a benefit in these products.

But there is a benefit of these hollow slab modules for other target groups: Because the hollow modules decrease the weight of the slabs significantly the entire construction is lighter and the slabs can stretch over wider ranges.


old positioning: focused on one target group

" Lightweight Hollow Slabs "

new positioning: wider target groups

new positioning

" wider scopes "


logo old
the old logo is not lightweight
the new logo says "wider scopes, reduced weight

Refreshed brand design, cross cultural

international brand design

Lünstroth develops a intercultural use of the logo and brand typology: A corporate logo in Asia is expected to be in the upper reaches of the communications media, the traditional  placement of a logo in Western countries has been learned as at the bottom.

Lünstroth designers combine these different logo placements and develop a visual trademark management with both possible logo placements, which can also be combined.

The dual logo placement supports a quick build of confidence in the brand, since it is gaining prominence very fast, especially in new target groups, thanks to the two-fold view of the logo in different designs.

New image video

New website

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