Brand Architecture

Brand Architecture: It's the system, what counts. Enterprises are growing. They integrate smaller (or bigger) different companies and expand to other markets, segments and even cultures. A well structured brand…

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Brand Strategy for Global Brands

There are regional brands and there are global ones. Both sorts do their jobs, but global brands have different structures and conditions. This regards not only the organization but the certain guidelines they must follow.

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Digital Brand Strength

Digital transformation is not at an end yet. Channels are increasing and every month dozens of new offers to communicate shine up. While established channels decrease, Lünstroth Brand Consultants point out the newest possibilities.

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A brand is a system.

Some people might reduce a brand to a logo. Lünstroth Brand Consultants see brands as a system building trust and following worth and wealth within the target markets.

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Purpose Branding

Purpose Branding is the new key to new target groups. To produce quality was the challenge of the 20tieth century. Goals today differ; pure consumation of goods is not longer the motivation of an increasing part of citizens.

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Brand Analysis

The brand consultants use to analyse brands or brand candidates first for their matches to target groups and target cultures. Not every branding fits personas worldwide - cultural backgrounds can play a certain role in brand design, behavior and colours.

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Realtime Support

To be always on the safe side is an import feeling in areas of brand and product quality reputation. Lünstroth offers a flat rate for companies.

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Fusion & Change

After mergers or acquisitions the upcoming brand architecture can be an object of considerations. The simple solution in form of dual branding is the best only in rare cases.

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