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Why creative?

Many brand consultants think creativity doesn’t play any role in brand affairs. Only facts, market shares and what could be counted in market research and regarding the opinions of consumers and clients are relevant for corporate brands.

Future needs creative approach.

That’s quite true for developments in the past. For a future oriented strategy creativity is necessary: What should be the dominant brand assets in a changing markets and minds? There are no facts and figures one could build a strategy on: Phantasy is needed.

That’s the reason every brand needs innovation and creativity.

There are certain parts of a brand, where creativity is an accepted module of engineering them: The claim or slogan as the important promise of a corporate brand.  And – of course – the corporate design, which gives the impression of the brand contents.

For product brands it is the brand development itself, the naming within the product portfolio or the development of recoverable technology- and process brands.

Luenstroth develops these brand-assets with creativity, legal protection and high positional accuracy.