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Digital Brand Strength

People behave emotionally.
The internet as a machine does not: A challenge for branding.

Emotion and internet: feeling for machines

Machines, a bar of chocolate or international enterprises – sympathy and the brand image are always linked with emotional ties. In contrast, the internet is not organized emotional. It’s forming a rational filter which is canalizing the content. The corporate brand must consider this web-logic to reach the touchpoint. The technology forces an adaption of the established brand architectures on the needs of search engines and the market demands of web users.
A powerful umbrella brand should catch attention to its compact core in the offline world. That makes the difference to the worldwide web: A brand has too many attributs to get offered by tweets, search engines or blogs for being at the front. Powerful global brands in the evoked set of users are not involved – users just type the name of the umbrella brand and find the right provider.

But still global brands have disadvantages if products or services are searched by generic terms in the internet. Their brand strength doesn’t offer real value added which is given normally on the “conventional” markets. Sovereign brands must structure their domain and website, their content management system and key content in a way that their real value added in web services is almost the same as on the real market, also to profite from opinion-buildings processes in online services.

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