Founder & CEO: <br>Peter Luenstroth M.A.

Founder & CEO:
Peter Luenstroth M.A.

Brand Consultant Competence


Peter is brand expert since the late 80ties.

As Crea­tive Direc­tor he was responsible for brands like Apol­li­na­risSchwep­pesCasioDr. Oet­ker, HomannLang­neseMen­tosPioneerProc­ter & Gam­bleS.OliverWhirl­pool

1994 he founded the strategy agency Luenstroth Projections; following clients’ demands two years later the strategy driven advertising agency planet weco (“Strategy is fine. Could you help us with suitable realization?”). In  2004 Luenstroth Brand Consultancy followed;  2009 Luenstroth Corporate Identity.

Peter Luen­stroth is a keynote speaker for specific brand issues and he is valued as brand expert at European Trademark Courthouses.