Rebranding: Brand Split

New Brand Power for Automotive Supplier

pml is a company that is very familiar with aluminum. pml creates and develops platforms for tail lifts as well as lightweight bridges from this material. The special competence lies in the selection and composition of the aluminum profiles, from which both the platforms for the tail lifts and the light bridges are made.

The traditional brand architecture – a branded house with tail lift platforms and aluminum bridges under a common brand – worked quite well for many years. Until the markets became more and more diversified and the respective target groups wanted a more specific approach, because automotive markets and municipal administrations that are demanding bridges have significantly different demand profiles.

What the Brand Consultants recommended.

We divide the different product groups and their target groups into two separate brand systems.

The platforms keep their well known brand name pml; however, the bridges are given the strongly associative brand Lightcross.

The two brands each get their own ecosystem and are ideally adapted to the target groups and their priorities. Because the advantages of aluminum as a raw material are different for the automotive target group than for the builders of bridges.


old logo

The old logo was very memorable and also expresses dynamism. One would say “It fits the automotive sector.”

However, the products themselves stand for extreme stability with the lowest weight. The disadvantage of an italic logo is that it stands for instability, for something in motion and not for high resilience. The leaning tower of Pisa also brings a rather shaky impression; that’s why the tourists flock to this amazing building.

That is why the logo is given a modern and, above all, conceptually corrective fresh cell treatment – the unstable italic position turns into a stable, yet light (aluminum = lightweight) construction.

Logo: refreshed


Perhaps interesting ...



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