Purpose Branding

What are the goals you're aiming for?

No company should leave the code of conduct in a drawer or leave it on a website. It must be lived out with the brand. At best, it is a brand purpose with strong motivational power.

Model for a powerful practice

Sustainable and long-termed orientated and value-added acting is expressed in fixed rules of corporated acting. These rules shouldn’t be secret. Employees should not only know them, but living the vision.

Is there something like a global purpose?

A worldwide applicable brand philosophy can only be a modular one. That’s why Luenstroth Brand Consultancy develops  modular builded corporated rules: The global modul contains the brand values, the moral values to the periphery are geared to the local culture. (There is no need to say that these codes of conduct are within the established legal rules.)

Purpose Branding & Corporate Philosophy: Support

How we work.


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