References of Lünstroth Brand Consultants

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Safety Shoes

Private Label

Albatros is a private label of an international wholesaler in Germany.

The company sells safety shoes and beside branded ranges like Puma they need a private label to complete their offerings.

The brand consultancy relaunches this private label Albatros, optimized brand identity, positioning and design.

Brand Workshops Concept

All for One Steeb is the leading SAP software and consulting company in Germany. A repositioning of the company and a structuring of the brand architecture is conceivable through company takeovers in key areas outside of the SAP environment.

Lünstroth develops the concept for the brand workshops.

The brand consultants client


Anker is a leading supplier of components for POS systems with a focus on retail. The company belonged to Oracle until, with the help of an investor, it regained its independence.

Luenstroth Brand Consultancy accompanies the company into its new independence, repositioning the brand, developing the copyplatform, and supports the manufacturer in its communicative activities as a result of the realignment on the market.

Sales Promotions for Lexus

Auto Weller is one of the largest car dealers in Germany, selling Toyota, Lexus and Seat. Lünstroth develops direct marketing promotions for Lexus.
Brand Consultants for Banking and Finance

Brand Integration

With total assets of more than four billion euros Volksbank PHD is one of the largest Volksbanks in Germany. Volksbank PHD have 84 subsidiaries, including 57 branches.

Lünstroth Brand Consultants integrated the brand “Bankverein Werther” in Volksbank PHD and positioned it in the field of private banking.

Brand Architecture

As the largest public provision group in Germany, Bayerische Versorgungskammer is the service and competence center for occupational and municipal pensions.

Luenstroth supports the supply chamber in the development of optimized brand architecture in relation to the different brand sectors below the chamber roof.

Construction Brand

Positioning & Brand Identity

Cobiax is a part of Heinze Group and the construction brand for hollow body slabs.

Luenstroth Brand Consultants reposition the brand, developed a new brand identity and design and is still working for the company to increase the sucess on international markets.

Digital Branding

DDS-Consulting is an IT-Consulting firm in Germany, mainly working for Clients like Volkswagen AG, Edeka, Mediamarkt and others.

We develop the digital strategy including a new website for these consultants.

Brand Identity & Design

Arminia Bielefeld is a soccer club in Germanys Premier League.

We develop a brand identity relaunch for the club, relaunch the brand design and execute the change.

Brand Consulting for Fashion

Brand Identity, Design, Digital Branding

Eva Mann is a new developed fashion label for contemporay premium blouses. Lünstroth Brand Consultancy launches the brand, developgs brand design and websites.

Adaption of International Ads

Forbo is the worlds market leader in linoleum.

We adapt the international brand communication of the swiss company.

Branding after M&A

Gehrke Econ is an owner-operated group of companies with primary service lines in fields of accounting and tax returns.

Luenstroth Brand Consultancy accompanies the companies Gehrke and econ in the field of fusion and integration.

Brand Design

Gneuß is an engineering firm with worldwide export interests.

We relaunch the corporate design and develop a new copy strategy and brand guides.

Brand Architecture, Design, Digital Branding

Heinze is a group of automotive suppliers in Europe.

Lünstroth restructures the brand architecture, launches a new umbrella brand logo and develop the digital branding including the websites worldwide.

Brand Strategy & Communication

Hella is an international automotive supplier.

Luenstroth develops product and technology brands for international use, supports the global brand strategy area, develops international trademarks and creates communication solutions for consumers and intermediaries.

Brand Development, Design & Guides

junited AUTOGLAS with its currently 238 stations has been the largest German network of independent auto glass specialists and now belongs to the Carglass Group.

Lünstroth developed the brand Junited AUTOGlAS for Auto Glass E. G. as a marketing box for independent auto glass experts.

The brand consultants expand the brand to a holistic franchise system.

Brand Design, Development of trademarks, Sales Support

Kühlmann is a manufacturer of fine food products. The company manufactures under its own label as well as a licensee (Weight Watchers) culinary delights in a natural production manner.

Lünstroth positioned the brand, optimized CI and CD, developed the slogan and launched trademarks for food retailers and package designs for the different distribution channels .

In addition, the brand consultants create range brands and specialty product namings for the discount segment.

Brand Launch in Europe

When Fattal Group entered the European markets, Lünstroth introduced the new developed brand Leonardo to the acquired hotels and destinations and their directors.

Development of trademarks and designs for international markets

Piasten is a manufacturer of confectionery for national and global markets.

For Piasten Lünstroth is developing trademarks for international markets and their package designs.

Sales literature & support

Puma safety shoes are licensed by ism.

We created sales material for European markets.

Development of trademarks

Stadtwerke Bielefeld is a public utility company.

Lünstroth develops trademarks for the energy sector for the company.

Business to Consumer Campaigning

Volksbank Beckum-Lippstadt is one of the leading cooperative banks in the Volksbank network.

Lünstroth develops btoc-campaigns for the bank.

Relaunch of brand & design

For werner works Lünstroth changed the company’s name, its brand and the complete brand design.

Development of quality system

The German Federation for Construction (ZDB) represents the interests of 35,000 medium-sized owner-managed construction companies.

Lünstroth Brand Consultants develop a qualification system for the ZDB – the quality seal “MASTERFUL” in graduated symbolism. Lünstroth builds the cachet system as a system of registered trademarks, in order to ensure a high legal certainty and uniqueness for the Central Association.

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