History and People

Strategy and Brand Consultants since 1994

Luenstroth Strategy Consultancy was founded in 1994 as a communications and brand agency. Over the years, Luenstroth has experienced many trends within the consulting market.

Often they were shaped by scientific fashions, which should then unfold in the entrepreneurial practice. By contrast, Lünstroth has always focused on the individual case of the client.

But: Market behavior has changed fundamentally. Traditional methods have not become redundant. But they have to be supplemented. An entirely new “target group” has grown up: algorithms


The exponential growth of new production and communication possibilities requires a considerable amount of know-how in the field of filter algorithms and bots, which have now taken over the executive activities.

Founder and CEO

Peter is brand expert since the early 90ties. He helds a masters degree in philosophy, anthropology and political science. As Crea­tive Direc­tor he was responsible for brands like Apol­li­na­risSchwep­pesCasioDr. Oet­ker, HomannLang­neseMen­tosPioneerProc­ter & Gam­bleS.OliverWhirl­pool and others.

1994 he founded the strategy agency Luenstroth Projections; following clients’ demands two years later a strategy driven advertising agency (“Strategy is fine. Could you help us with suitable realization?”) and a specialized agency for business reports.

Peter Luen­stroth is a keynote speaker for specific brand issues, a lecturer at FHM and he is valued as brand expert at European Trademark Courthouses.


Teams at the brand consultancy come together according to the tasks and areas of competence.

Due to the frequently complex tasks, specialists from various disciplines are represented, from sociologists to linguists, to businessinformatics, and to those with a marketing focus.

As the nature of brand building, culture and reputation is complex people working at Luenstroth are forced to widen their horizons:).