Best Practise: Brand Building and Optimizing

Luenstroth Brand Consultants may not show strategies they developed. What we may show are executions of strategies already on air. Take a look!

Brand Relaunch

A global brand like Cobiax needs a wide positioning to reach all target groups within the construction sector. The brand consultants optimize positioning, corporate identy and corprate design.

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Spreading the message worldwide

To reach target groups worldwide in the shortest possible time, social media channels are the right choice. Lünstroth Brand Consultants use short video clips.

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Brand Relaunch Private Label

Private labels could generate more margin if they would be treated as "real" brands regarding design and communication (exept the media expenses, for sure).

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Brand Split

In many cases a brand extension is the right way to make the best of brand image and reputation. In some cases it's the opposite: To split a product portfolio and brand a part totally different.

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Brand DNA: Sport-Club

Premier League soccer clubs mostly have a long tradition and a given brand image. Sometimes this image does not fit the demands of potential sponsoring partners.

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Product Branding

Lünstroth Brand Consultancy develops and optimizes products to be sold in retail markets. With high awareness even for private labels and fast turnover in all categories of outlets.

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