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We are Lünstroth Brand Consultancy.

As an international brand consultancy Luenstroth offers a range of services aimed at helping businesses develop and manage their brands effectively on a global scale.

Here’s a summary of the typical services the Luenstroth brand consultants offer.

Brand Strategy

Luenstroth brand consultants help businesses define their brand purpose, values, and positioning in the market. They develop comprehensive brand strategies that align with the business goals and resonate with the target audience.

Brand Identity and Design

Luenstroth creatives create visually compelling brand identities that reflect the brand’s personality and values. This includes designing logos, typography, color palettes, and other visual elements that convey the brand’s identity consistently across all touchpoints.

Brand Communication

Luenstroth consultants develop strategic communication plans to effectively convey the brand message to the target audience. This includes defining messaging frameworks, developing content strategies, and executing campaigns across various channels.

Brand Experience

Luenstroth consultants focus on creating memorable brand experiences that engage customers and build brand loyalty. This involves designing customer journeys, optimizing touchpoints, and enhancing interactions to create positive brand perceptions.

Brand Research and Insights

Luenstroth consultants conduct market research and analysis to gain insights into consumer behavior, market trends, and competitive landscape.
We use data-driven insights to inform brand strategies and make informed decisions.

Brand Training and Workshops

Luenstroth consultants offer training programs and workshops to educate internal stakeholders on brand management best practices. This includes brand workshops, employee training sessions, and executive coaching to ensure alignment across the organization.

Brand Measurement and Evaluation

The brand consultancy develops metrics and KPIs to measure the effectiveness of brand initiatives and track brand performance over time. This includes brand audits, performance dashboards, and customer feedback mechanisms to monitor brand health.

Brand Licensing and Partnerships

Luenstroth consultants advise on brand licensing opportunities and strategic partnerships to extend the brand’s reach and create new revenue streams. This includes negotiating licensing agreements, identifying potential partners, and managing brand collaborations.

Brand Crisis Management

We provide support in managing brand crises and reputation issues that may arise. This includes developing crisis communication plans, providing media training, and executing response strategies to mitigate reputational damage.

Brand Innovation and Evolution

Luenstroth consultants help businesses innovate and evolve their brands to stay relevant in a rapidly changing market landscape. This includes identifying new market opportunities, launching product extensions, and repositioning the brand as needed.

Deep Analysis

As external experts the Luenstroth Consultants have the view from outside and years of experience within the fields of building brands, transferring brand assets and expanding brand heritages.

Deep comprehension of histories of companies and contempory mega trends and the legal know how let the consultants find solutions which internal experts within the corporate complex can’t have any longer.

Innovative Strategies

Every corporate brand must be innovative. Mergers and acquisitions reduce the view to the essential core of a brand leading to a decreasing visibility and dominance.

Luenstroth Strategy Consultants know the internal and external fields of potential and incorporate inside and outside views and meanings.


The brand consultancy with better results:

High Efficieny

Advising Moderation

Since decades Luenstroth Consultants are involved in research of efficient brand and business drivers.
While many marketeers believe in visual assets the bigger potentials of optimizing the entire marketing performance are hidden in non visual assets, especially in digital areas.

Corporate brands do live by people giving them base and power. A smart, sensitive way of moderation is necessary to find the best solution for all stakeholders. Luenstroth Consultants know the necessities of international enterprises but also the needs of smaller brand driven companies.

Market driven Solutions

Luenstroth Brand Consultants know the automotive sector, suppliers, FMCG, Food and Non-Food, the banking and finance sector and health.

Luenstroth Consultants do the best to transfer the deep knowledge from one segment of international markets to the other.

Worldwide Cooperations

The Brand Consultancy works on sci­en­tific basis, but in rela­tion to hands on rel­e­vant sug­ges­tions and options for the client. To ensure holis­tic sup­port Luenstroth has implemented a strong cre­ative division.

Luen­stroth works in cor­po­ra­tion with international law firms and mar­ket research com­pa­nies worldwide. The consultants com­bine the sta­bil­ity of the Brand-DNA with trend set­ting brand visions.

Latest implementation: Cobiax

For Cobiax, manufacturer of hollow core ceilings, Luenstroth optimizes its positioning, brand identity including brand design and develops reputation branding.

Strong heritage: Meco

For Meco, the traditional manufacturer of connections and connecting parts in the automotive sector, Lünstroth revises the communicative appearance, develops the image materials and the online presence.

Strong heritage: Meco

For Meco, the traditional manufacturer of connections and connecting parts in the automotive sector, Lünstroth revises the communicative appearance, develops the image materials and the online presence.

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