Analysis of Brand and/or Reputation

A brand analysis should be the first step before strategy could be thought about. Even if a new brand is to be established, markets and competitor brands and their dimensions should be researched.

Luenstroth follows the model of brand personality as established by Aaker and Keller in the mid 90th.

Markets and cultures are different, so are the dimensions brands perceived.
Luenstroth Brand Consultancy not only use classical market research methods but also web based tools to integrate the “digital” dimensions of brands and their architecture.

The ascertainment of brand values is not only a routine market research task for Lünstroth, but an analytical tool specifically adapted to each product and brand environment. Certainly, the survey tools must be adapted not only to product and use characteristics, but also to the respective regional characteristics.


In the Anglo-Saxon literature, the US-American model is generally used as a starting model. Brand recognition in Europe and Asia differs from the American approach due to cultural reasons.

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