Realtime support for brands

If deadlines could be close

Solution: realtime support

Mergers: What about brand values?

There are situations only hours or minutes are left. One needs the right call to have an advice immediately.

In these cases we use to react as immediately as the situation comes up.

Product name ok for international use?

Fast security at naming: Often employees of international branches are creative by choosing a name for local products or services.
The inquiries are mostly urgent and a legal departement needs several weeks for checking.

Luenstroth Consultants can clarify in some minutes whether you have to be careful with a name or if it is possible to use a product description or trademark without legal conflicts.

Flak against product or company

Rapid response to product mobbing: The digital community is not only critical, they sometimes also work without having any facts. Shitstorm can be dangerous on the weekend when the conduct of communication is fighting at other fronts or they have no time for getting in contact with someone else. Then it is important to act fast and deliberately in the interest of the brand and the company

Luenstroth Consultants know all important facts and can intervene de-escalating in the shortest possible time.

Takeover. What brand architecture is ideal?

Traditional joint ventures or fusions don’t pay attention on namings. The company name is often incidental. Generally there is no check for trademark conflicts; the significance is very low.
If the fusion name is mentioned once publicly, it’s too late for corrections.

If in doubt, it’s useful to work with brand consultants already in the early phases of project.

Loud campaign. But does it fit to the brand?

Advertising agencies are paid for developing excellent ideas for advertising publications. These ideas are hopefully remarkable. Wonderful.
But in some cases there may be doubt: Is the ad too aggressive? Does it appeal to the target group? Does it fit to the brand at all?
In these cases, it’s useful to have a third grounded expertise which view is away from intern business.


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