European Brand Consultants for global branding

Establishing brands globally

Different companies with different histories need different support. Lünstroth Brand Consultants differ between those needs

What’s all clients common is the need for strong brand awareness and reputation to realize the pricing they need.

Companies with non European origin and brands not really known in Europe

For these companies Lünstroth Brand Consultancy open a way to Europe (and possibly other continents). Whether the consultants find a cost effective way to establish the brand already known in their own country or developing brands specific for the needs in new target markets there will be a best way.

Common challenges are wordmarks difficult to pronounce in target markets or trademarks and brands already registered in those markets.

To avoid a misunderstanding: At the end of the day all sorts of wordmarks can be established, but it’s a matter of short and long term efforts, if this enforced proceedings make sense.