Luenstroth Brand Consultants offer strategic consulting and implementation.

Brand Architecture

Brand Architecture: It's the system, what counts. Enterprises are growing. They integrate smaller (or bigger) different companies and expand to other markets, segments and even cultures. A well structured brand…

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They easiest way is email. But surely you can call us. Or skype us. Or meet us. Or team us. Or just zoom. We hope, we'll find together.

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Purpose Branding

Purpose Branding is the new key to new target groups. To produce quality was the challenge of the 20tieth century. Goals today differ; pure consumation of goods is not longer the motivation of an increasing part of citizens.

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Brand Analysis

The brand consultants use to analyse brands or brand candidates first for their matches to target groups and target cultures. Not every branding fits personas worldwide - cultural backgrounds can play a certain role in brand design, behavior and colours.

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